Into Pandemonium

Chaos is birth, so I give my children to you, in verses born of silence and violence

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” 

                                                                         — Friedrich Nietzsche

First there was silence, acute and asleep,

slumbering on its snoring tranquility

apathetic on its trip

It disturbed no one, dead, dull and dreary

Passing unnoticed; the importance of silence

Elegies flow like sad nocturnes

like a jazz melody from an unknown film noir

But now the graves they churn;

A paean for silence waltzing with death

Pigs march, waters rise, and skies roar seizing breath


But now, lo and behold! Chaos made flesh

Like blast beat from a Black Metal sound

throbbing sound of mesh,

disturbing multiverse, alive, abashed, abound

Passing pollution; the magnitude of chaos

Screech of reviled requiems wake the dead,

like immortal murmurs of chalk-board symphony of nails

waking me like a vampire sleeping unfed

An overture for turmoil breakdancing on dust

crescendos to octaves of lurid luscious lust


Awaken, I suddenly knew my chore

Squeeze my brain ‘til blood forms into muck

that will win my own whore;

the modern muse; belittled, benign and butt-fucked

Passing illusions; the delusion of passion

Into hearts undisturbed by earthquakes of the gods in barong

By tummy-bloated demigods

By hooded-creeps humming Gregorian song

This is the systematic chaos into order of Elysium

Let us go Bacchus…dive into pandemonium

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